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Understand Mifid II

mifidThe European Securities and Markets Authority has published an 800-page consultation on how it intends to turn the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive into practical and implementable standards.

Consultation paper:

What does Mifid stand for?


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Project Management

Hiring so many managers will not resolve your problems.  It will just slow things down and confuse the only one person that is really doing the job.


10 Things You Need to Know About EMIR

Questions10 Things You Need To Know About The European Market Infrastructure Regulation to help you understand if, and how, you will be affected by EMIR, by Adrian Brown and Sam Robinson.

1. Should I care about EMIR?
2. What are the requirements under EMIR?
3. How do I satisfy the reporting requirement?
4. How will clearing work?
5. What about trades that are not centrally cleared?
6. I've heard that EMIR applies differently to "financial counterparties" and "non-financial counterparties", is this correct?
7. What are the thresholds between an NFC+ and an NFC-?
8. What will firms need to do to satisfy the collateral requirement?
9. What is the timing of EMIR?
10. How does EMIR fit in with the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD)?